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Downtown Loading Zone Improvement

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Project Overview

Loading zones in Downtown have been identified by the Town, Town partners, businesses and visitors as causing safety, traffic and equity concerns. The Town, who oversees the use of the curb, including on NCDOT streets such as Franklin and Columbia, has launched an effort to reassess loading zones and determine how best to manage them. This initiative began in early 2019 with a project completed by a UNC Public Policy research team who explored the topic. The Town is now convening a staff team and community partners to further explore the issue and craft possible solutions.

Team and Process

The Town team includes Police and Planning Department employees as well as Matt Gladdek from the Downtown Partnership. Other subject matter experts, businesses and Downtown stakeholders will be consulted as needed throughout the project. Success will look like one or more recommendations for how to address concerns and safety issues with loading zones. This work is expected to last for the duration of Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20).


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