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140 West Plaza

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Overview and Background

140 West Plaza, the public area at 140 W. Franklin Street, is a Town owned and maintained open space and includes Exhale, a signature art piece by Mikyoung Kim. With new development, changing retail, and increased focus on this part of W. Franklin Street, the Town is re-imagining the strengths and opportunities in the plaza as part of the Downtown Work Plan.

140 West as a Gathering Space

140 West Plaza is used for numerous Downtown events including crafts fairs, Tar Heel Downtown, and Near & Far. The Town and its partners host these events to bring the community together and exemplify how the space can be used for large gatherings.

Ideas for the Future

The Town is partnering with Asana Partners, management company for the first floor retail spaces at 140 West, as well as other stakeholders to envision what the plaza could look like in the future. Asana Partners engaged an architect to draw designs for the Plaza which can be found here. The Town is seeking input on this or other ideas from the community - please send them to

Seeking Public Input

In June, 2018, the Town Council resolved to study 140 West Plaza with a focus on Exhale and how the space is used. Susan Brown, Executive Director for Arts and Culture, is leading an initiative to seek input from the public, downtown businesses, and other stakeholders on how to activate the plaza and to brainstorm concerns and opportunities around moving Exhale. These opportunities will take place between September and November, 2018 and the team will report back to Council on findings in late Fall. Contact Susan ( to inquire about these sessions.


Stakeholders provide their feedback on 140 West Plaza at an October, 2018 input session.

140 West Experiment

In September, 2016, the Town conducted a user experiment to test ideas for activating the public plaza. Colorful furniture, plants, internet access, and food carts were installed for one day to see how community members interacted with the space. More information can be found here.

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