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Strategic Planning & Performance Management

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Environmental Scan, Performance Reports, & Performance Dashboards

At the 2019 Council Retreat, the Town Council requested data and metrics around the seven goal areas identified in their strategic planning discussions for the April 3 work session, following the model of the Council Goal reports in Affordable Housing and Connected Community. This web page contains data and performance metrics around the seven goal areas the Council identified during their 2018/19 strategic planning discussions.

Town of Chapel Hill Environmental Scan

The Town of Chapel Hill worked with Carolina Demography, a demographic consulting service at the Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, to develop baseline data that captures the current state of the Town of Chapel Hill. Below is a link to a presentation on demographic trends in North Carolina, Orange County, and Chapel Hill and a report on population and economic trends developed by Carolina Demography.

The Town of Chapel Hill conducts a community survey on a biennial basis, with the most recent survey taking place in 2018.The purpose of the survey is to inform Town decision-making and help the Town build a community where people thrive. Below is a link to the Town's community survey dashboard to see visualization and trends of the community survey.


Strategic Work Plans, Reports, and Dashboards

At the 2019 Council Retreat, the Town Council developed Strategic Work Plans for the 7 goal areas they identified in their 2018 strategic planning discussions. Below are links to Strategic Goal Reports and Dashboards, which are tools the Council and residents can use to monitor the Town's progress towards meeting annual performance targets, check in on the status of projects funded with Town resources, and learn more about key community indicators related to the 7 goal areas.The reports and dashboards below are prototypes and may be adjusted based on feedback from the Town Council.

Strategic Work Plans

Strategic Work Plans cover the 7 Council goal areas and include projects listed in Departmental Business Plans, petitions received, and future projects.


Council Goal Reports & Dashboards

The draft Council Goal reports and dashboards below capture and contextualize data around the goal areas identified by Council. These reports were developed with relevant data points important to the Town and KPIs that are tracked by Town departments in their departmental business plans. A menu of key performance indicators for local governments was used to inform the development of the reports and dashboards below.

  • Goal 1: Connected Community. To create a highly connected community where bicycling, walking, and transit are convenient, everyday choices for our neighborhoods, businesses, and public spaces.
  • Goal 2: Economic & Financial Sustainability. To steward public assets and support a vibrant economy where there is opportunity for jobs and entrepreneurship that positions Chapel Hill for the future.
  • Goal 3: Safe Community. To preserve and protect life and property through the fair and effective delivery of Town services.
  • Goal 4: Affordable Housing. To increase access to housing for individuals across a range of incomes, and to constantly strive for more equitable outcomes and opportunities for historically underserved populations.
  • Goal 5: Vibrant & Inclusive Community. To enrich the lives of those who live, work, and visit Chapel Hill by building community and creating a place for everyone.
  • Goal 6: Environmental Stewardship. To strategically manage the Town’s infrastructure and natural environment by promoting resiliency and sustainability.
  • Goal 7: Collaborative & Innovative Organization. To create an organization that works collaboratively from a mutual learning mindset, leads innovation, and produces effective outcomes for the betterment of the organization and community.

Local Government Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Menu

FY19 Departmental Business Plans

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