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Who is Digging in my Yard?

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Google Fiber and AT&T are currently installing communications infrastructure throughout the Town of Chapel Hill. This infrastructure will provide residents with options for ultra-fast Internet connections and additional services.

Construction work in your neighborhood should not disrupt your utility services. Contact your utility provider immediately if you notice disruption in service. Call 911 immediately if you believe there is a danger that threatens life or health.

Information from OWASA

Maintenance responsibilities for private sewer pipes and laterals

Your plumbing system

What can I expect?

Public agencies and utility companies have the right to work in your front yard, provided the work stays within the public right-of-way owned by the Town. To see your parcel lines on a GIS map, visit

These lines are often behind the actual roadway and sidewalks into what appears to be private property. In some cases, utility crews can work on your land to install fiber optic cables and upgrade other infrastructure in order to provide services to the surrounding area. It is called a utility easement and, if there is one, it is written on your deed and closing documents. But utilities companies are supposed to clean up any mess.

We do not have a specific timeframe for construction because the amount of time it will take varies greatly based on a variety of factors. The construction area typically will be restored within a few days after construction is complete. Contract workers will re-seed and cover areas with straw. Construction in your area does not mean that new or improved service will be available to you soon. It could be many months or years.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint or issue with fiber installation problems on my property?

Contractor for AT&T fiber installation: 877-245-6660

Contractor for Google fiber installation: 877-454-6959

Town of Chapel Hill: Emergency Management Coordinator Vencelin Harris at 919-968-2705 or


When are they coming to my neighborhood?

Both AT&T and Google send out advance notification to let property owners know when crews will be in the neighborhood. This is typically done by leaving door-hangers. A good indication that work is imminent is the appearance of underground utility markings appearing on the pavement and ground in the form of dotted lines in spray paint or small plastic flagging. Different colors indicate the presence of different utilities.

AT&T: visit

Google Fiber: visit

Find out more about community broadband

Get the latest on the work of AT&T and Google Fiber.

Why this is so exciting -- even while it's a nuisance

Many consider broadband internet service to be a public utility like water and electricity because of the vital role it plays in American life. Economists say high speed internet is no longer just a luxury – it is now a necessity for good schools and a thriving economy. Chapel Hill is in a unique position to receive the installation of a unique and valuable public utility – one that will strengthen our future.


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  • Who is digging in my yard and in the street?

  • Will I get a notification before they start digging?

  • Can you tell me when they will be in my neighborhood?

  • What can I expect?

  • How is the work being done?

  • What happens if they damage my landscaping?

  • Why can’t AT&T and Google put their fiber in at the same time?

  • There are painted lines all over the yard and street. What is that?

  • If the utilities are marked, how do water, gas, and other utility lines get cut?

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