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Technology Solutions

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Phone: 919-968-2712
Fax: 919-968-2017

Clark, ScottExecutive Director for TechnologyTechnology Solutions(919) 968-2735
Yachtis, SethSenior IT AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 968-2784
Cordell, AlishaAdministrative AssistantCommunications & Public Affairs, Technology Solutions(919) 968-2844
Reynolds, RobertSystems and Support ManagerTechnology Solutions(919) 968-2872
Thompson, BarrySenior IT AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 969-2020
Almond, DaveSenior GIS AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 969-2042
Morris, ChrisSystems AdministratorTechnology Solutions(919) 969-2869
Rehm, BillWeb Developer and AdministratorTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5047
Chan, EnochNetwork AdministratorTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5048
Fisher, SharonIT AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5049
Barnard, ChaseGIS CoordinatorTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5051
Hill, ChristineGIS AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5089
Di Michele, LucaIT AnalystTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5102
Czupka, TimTechnology Services and Solutions ManagerTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5155
Bailey, JanelleBusiness Solutions ManagerTechnology Solutions(919) 969-5542
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