An illicit discharge is the disposal of anything other than rainwater or snowmelt into the pipes, ditches, or streams that make up the stormwater system. Illicit discharges can be direct or indirect, possibly including anything on the ground that could reach the stormwater conveyance system. These pollutants are often harmful to stream water quality or ecology.

As part of the Town's NPDES Phase II permit, the Town must identify and eliminate water pollution in the form of illicit discharges. The Town's Illicit Discharge Ordinance:

  • defines and prohibits illicit discharges to stormwater systems, and
  • includes right of entry provisions, penalties, and due process procedures.

 Report water pollution by calling 919-969-RAIN (7246).

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  • What are allowable discharges

  • What are examples of illicit discharges?

Water Pollution: What to Look For

Updated on 06/12/2020 4:14 PM

Examples of common forms of water pollution in Chapel Hill

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  • 1. Who do I call if I see mud or sediment coming off of a construction site?

  • 2. What are other types of water pollution issues at construction sites that I should report?

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