Prevent Water Pollution

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What is Stormwater Pollution?

When rain or snow hits a hard surface, it becomes stormwater. In natural landscapes, stormwater falls into bodies of water or gets soaked up into the ground. When water flows out of our yards, down driveways and out of parking lots into the storm drains, it makes its way through the environment untreated. Storm drains are not connected to the sewer system and they drain directly into our creeks, drinking water supplies, and Jordan Lake.

Water that flows from households, businesses or during rainstorms will flush pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, litter, automobile fluids, oil and other pollutants into storm drains. These pollutants are harmful to our environment and our quality of life. Storm drain pollution hurts our recreational areas, waterways and wildlife.

How do I Report Water Pollution?

Call 919-969-RAIN (7246). Let us know if you see or smell sewage, detergents, other chemicals, or trash coming out of a pipe or ditch or into a storm drain. Be sure to include the exact locations.

Tips to Prevent Pollution:

With pets
At the house
With your vehicle
In your yard
In the home
With pools and spas

Water Pollution: What to Look For

Updated on 06/12/2020 4:14 PM

Examples of common forms of water pollution in Chapel Hill


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  • 2. What are other types of water pollution issues at construction sites that I should report?
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