Know Your Watersheds

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Local Watershed Map

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A watershed is a land area that funnels water down to a common low point. When it rains or snows, water flows from higher elevations down to lower elevations, carrying with it the pollutants left out on the ground.

Watersheds can be as big as an entire river basin or as small as a tiny creek area. In Chapel Hill, we are in the Haw River watershed, which is part of the Cape Fear River Basin. We have several subwatersheds throughout Town. Learn more below.

We All Live in A Watershed Map (Large pdf)

Color Elevation Map (Large pdf)

Watershed Protection Area [440 KB PDF]

GIS Watershed and Floodplain Maps
Public GIS Portal (for custom maps)
FEMA Floodplain Maps

Want more data? Check out our Watershed Assessments & Plans!
Cape Fear River Basin
Haw River
Jordan Lake
Bolin Creek Subwatershed
Booker Creek Subwatershed
Little Creek Subwatershed
Morgan Creek Subwatershed
New Hope Creek Subwatershed
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