Friday, July 3 is a Town holiday. Chapel Hill Transit will not operate July 4-July 5. Yard waste will not be collected Friday, July 3. The July 4th Community Celebration has been canceled. More Information


No mask distribution on Saturday, July 4.


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Stormwater Management FAQs

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What is stormwater and why do we need to manage it?
What is an impervious surface?
What is a stormwater utility?
How does the stormwater management program benefit taxpayers, homeowners, and other community members?
What is a stormwater management master plan?
How can community members receive information and share input or concerns?
What public oversight or public involvement does this utility have?
What state and federal requirements does the Town have to meet with regard to water resource issues?
Is there any cooperation with universities, state agencies, local governments, or other groups to address stormwater issues?
Why are gravel roads and gravel parking lots considered to be impervious?
Will the Town address drainage problems in my yard or neighborhood?
I live on top of a hill, and I don't ever have any drainage problems. Why would I have to pay for stormwater management services?
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