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Friday, April 10, is a Town holiday. Yard waste will not be collected Friday. Residential trash collection and curbside recycling will not be affected. Chapel Hill Transit will operate on a Saturday schedule (no U or NU routes). Chapel Hill Transit will not operate on Sunday, April 10. View the holiday service schedule.

Yard Waste


  • The town provides weekly, curbside collection of containerized yard waste and small yard waste piles from residences. 
  • Yard waste includes brush, limbs, leaves, grass clippings and other yard or garden debris. 
  • Monday trash collection=Thursday yard waste collection
  • Tuesday trash collection=Friday yard waste collection
  • All yard waste is taken to Orange County where it is chipped into mulch and offered for sale at the landfill. 

Yard Waste Roll-out Carts

  •  Yard waste roll carts may be purchased for $50 per cart with free delivery. 
  • The replacement cost of yard waste roll carts is the the responsibility of the resident. 
  • Residents are encouraged to use Town yard waste roll carts for the collection of yard waste. 


Protocols to Ensure Collection

Please help us provide efficient, safe and timely service to all residents by doing the following:

  • Loose yard waste, such as leaves, grass clipping, and pine needles should be placed in a yard waste roll cart, other rigid container, or paper yard waste bags.
  • Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected. 
  • All yard waste must be behind the curb or street side.
  • For small yard waste projects, brush should be cut to less than 4 feet in length and less than 10 inches in diameter, and placed into a pile that does not exceed 3 cubic yards, which is about the size of a small pickup truckload. 

Christmas Tree Removal

  • Christmas trees are collected on the regular yard waste collection schedule year round.
  • All decorations and tinsel should be removed before placing trees at the curbside.
  • Residents of apartment complexes should place trees in designated areas alongside the dumpsters, but not inside them. 
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