Strategic Plan

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The Chapel Hill Police Department is committed to strengthening its relationship with the residents of Chapel Hill in order to enhance the quality of life in our community.

In the winter of 2010, the Police Department began the first step toward the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. A series of community input sessions were held in partnership with the Justice in Action committee. These sessions were designed to gather input from the community on their expectations and desires for the Police Department. Additionally, the police department held a series of internal meetings to gather input from its employees.

Six common themes were identified from these internal and external input sessions:

  • Customer Service
  • Visibility
  • Transparency of Policies
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Technology and Online Resources

Police Department employees with varying levels of experience and work assignments were chosen to serve on the strategic planning committee. The committee was charged with developing a strategic plan that reflects the basic premises of community policing. The committee developed new mission and vision statements for the Chapel Hill Police Department that will help us fulfilling the expectations of our community.

Strategic Plan Goals
Crime Reduction
Secure Relationships
Promote Safety
Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC)
Justice in Action Committee


After identifying the immediate strategies, employees were tasked with developing action plans to assist in the implementation of strategies. Many of these strategies have been implemented and others are near implementation. The middle priority strategies have been assigned to departmental units for development and are currently either in progress or under review by the committee.

The Strategic Planning Committee recently held another series of public input sessions showcase our progress and to solicit community input on our efforts so far. Again, these meetings were held in partnership with the Justice in Action Committee. Comments from these sessions will be compiled by Justice in Action and our Strategic Planning Committee will use them to make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

Our strategic plan will evolve as the needs and desires of the community and the police department change. We are committed to this plan’s success and we look forward to future opportunities for community input.

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