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The Training Division is an essential part of the Police Department.  The division is responsible for training new employees, on-going training, and the Career Progression Program.

Driver TrainingNew employee training includes Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET).  For additional information on recruit training click here.  New employees who are already certified law enforcement officers normally attend three weeks of classroom training before entering field training.  Field training is a 12 week period in which new officers receive further training and supervision by senior officers.

On-going training consists of in-service training and training opportunities outside the department.  Much of in-service training is State-mandated training, such as firearms and hazardous materials response.  The department augments that training with other subjects, including Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers, Media Relations, and responding to domestic violence incidents.  Officers attend training at the North Carolina Justice Academy, the University of North

Carolina School of Government, other law enforcement agencies, and community colleges.  Theses classes cover a broad range of topics from emergency response protocols to law enforcement administration.

Career Progression Program

The Career Progression Program, which started in 1995 outlines career paths for officers.  It provides opportunity for advancement and specialization.  The career paths are:

  • Investigations
  • Identification Technology
  • Crime Prevention
  • Community Oriented Policing
  • Special Services
  • Field Training Officer/Instructor
  • Traffic Enforcement and Collision Investigation
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