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The Police Department may have some of your belongings. An item that was stolen from you may have been recovered. Something you lost may have been turned in to us. We make every attempt to identify the owner and return the property as soon as possible. If you believe that the Police Department may be in possession of your property, please call 919-968-2760.

  • Found Property

    A range of items are turned into the police department as found property. This includes bicycles, wallets, jewelry and clothing. If the owner can be notified we will contact him or her. If you have lost something of value in Chapel Hill, report it to the Police Department so if we have it, it can be returned to you.

  • Towed vehicles

    Vehicles towed for improper parking on town streets or from a town owned parking lot can be retrieved at the Police Department. You will be responsible for the cost of the tow and a storage fee before the vehicle is released.

  • Unclaimed Property

    Property which is not claimed is either destroyed or sold at public auction. These actions are done according to North Carolina Law.


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