Evidence and ID Services

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DustingThe Evidence and Forensic Services Unit is the department’s resource on evidence identification, collection, processing, and preservation. They train officers on how to locate and collect evidence at a crime scene. Evidence includes latent fingerprints, items left by the perpetrator, and other “clues.” Photographing the crime scene is also an important aspect of evidence collection. The Evidence and Forensic staff responds to major crime scenes to collect the evidence and photograph the scene.

All evidence gathered is submitted to the Evidence and Forensic Unit. The staff processes the evidence looking for information to help solve the crime. Some processing, such as DNA testing can not be done at the Police Department and is forwarded to laboratories at the SBI. The staff is also responsible for securely storing the evidence from the time it is collected until it is used in court.

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Finally the Evidence and Forensic staff testify in court about the evidence gathered and processed. They often have to explain to juries the intricacy of their work, such as how fingerprints are collected and identified.


For information on recovering property which was seized as evidence, recovered stolen property found property or towed vehicles please click here.

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