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Employees of the Investigations Division follow up on crime reported to the police department. These employees search for information and evidence, pursue leads, work with victims, and interview suspects. Their goals are to solve crime and arrest perpetrators. 

Specialized Services of the Division

General Investigations – A core group of general investigators handles a wide range of reported crimes, including violent crimes, property crimes and the increasing financial fraud and identity theft cases. 

Narcotics and Vice – This unit does on-going investigations of illegal drug sales in Chapel Hill. Along with doing undercover operations, they work with patrol officers to maintain a visible presence in the community. 

Evidence, Forensics and Identification Services – Analysts respond to major crime scenes to collect and photograph evidence. They process the evidence gathered or send it to State or Federal laboratories. They often testify in court as to the evidence found at crime scenes. 

Juvenile Investigator – The juvenile investigator works with victims and offenders under the age of 16. He works with school personnel, Juvenile Court staff, the Department of Social Services, and other family agencies. Many of the cases involve children who are victims of physical or sexual abuse.

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