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Weavers Grove Community

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Conditional Zoning Application

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Applicant Name: George Retschle, Ballentine Associates

Project Address: 7516 Sunrise Rd.

Project Number: #19-081

Description:  Conditional zoning application for Weavers Grove Community, a Habitat for Humanity affordable housing residential community with up to 243 dwelling units, including 99 affordable units, a community center, café, and amenities.

Review Schedule
Event *Date Location and Time
 Conditional Zoning Application Submitted
 7-1-2019  NA
 Public Information Meeting  7-24-2019  5:15 pm Town Hall, 1st Floor
 Public Information Meeting  9-19-2019  5:30 pm, Chapel Hill Library, Room A
 Public Information Meeting  10-9-2019  5:30 pm, Chapel Hill Library, Room B 
 Community Design Commission  2-25-2020  6:30 pm, Council Chambers 
 Transportation & Connectivity Advisory Board  2-25-2020   7:00 pm, Town Hall, 1st Floor 
 Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board  4-14-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual
 Housing Advisory Board  3-10-2020  6:30 pm, Town Hall, 1st Floor
 Planning Commission  4-21-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual
 Stormwater Management Utility Advisory Board  5-19-2020  5:00pm, Virtual 
 Council Public Hearing  6-10-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual
 Council Business Meeting  TBD  7:00 pm, Virtual


Public Comments

Questions & Answers

Traffic Impact Study

Conditional Zoning Application  7-1-2019

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