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Columbia Street Annex

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Applicant Name: Szostak Design on behalf of David L Robert.

Project Address: 1150 South Columbia Street

Project Number: 18-039

Orange County Pins: 9788-20-4502, 9788-20-6500, 9788-20-5716

Description: The proposed use will be a mix of 40-54 residential units and some office/retail/commercial space in a 40,000 to 58,050 sf building. Stormwater control and tree coverage will meet Town standards. The applicant has requested four modifications:

  1. Reduction of the width and plantings in the landscape buffer on South Columbia Street
  2. Potential reduction of parking from the requirement
  3. Permission to build in the managed use and upland RCD zones
  4. Permission to disturb steep slopes.

About the Property: The proposed site is an assemblage of three lots totaling a net land area of 3.7 acres. The property is undeveloped and includes an unopened right-of-way for Monroe Street that is proposed to be abandoned with this project. The site is located at the northwest corner of South Columbia Street and the NC. 54 westbound on-ramp. The site includes portions of Resource Conservation District and is in the Residential-2 zoning district.

Review Schedule

Event Date  Location and Time 
 Public Information Meeting
 07-15-19  Town Hall, 1st Floor Conference Room, 5:15 pm
 Public Information Meeting  06-05-18  Town Hall, 1st Floor Conference Room, 5:15 pm
 Special Use Permit Application Submittal  04-26-18  NA
 Zoning Atlas Amendment Submittal  04-26-18  NA
 Town Council Review
 Town Hall, Council Chamber, 7:00pm
 Community Design Commission Review  09-26-17
 Town Hall, Council Chamber, 6:30pm
 Concept Plan Application Submitted  07-25-17  NA

Revised Special Use Permit Application 5-20-2019

  • Application 
  • Narrative
  • Site Plan
  • Zoning Atlas Amendment Application  4-26-18

    Concept Plan Application 7-25-17

    About Concept Plan Review: This meeting offers an early opportunity for community members and the Community Design Commission to learn about a proposed project and to provide comments before the applicant submits a special use permit application with a traffic analysis and before staff review occurs.  

    What happened to the SUP application that was submitted in 2014? The applicant withdrew the SUP application to present a revised concept plan to the Community Design Commission and Town Council for review before continuing to work on their application and plans. The application was delayed while NCDOT studied options for making improvements to the US 15-501 / NC 54 / South Columbia Street interchange. For more Information Click Here:

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