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Christ Community Church

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Christ Community Church-FINAL 5 

Special Use Permit

Applicant Name: Byron Peters

Project Address: 141 Erwin Rd.

Project Number: 19-119

Orange County PIN:  9799-39-9116 & 9799-49-0235

Description: On the 2.82-acre parcel, the existing day care, residential buildings and most of the outbuildings will be re-purposed and removed. A new 11,420 SF church, consisting of a worship area, fellowship area, classrooms, and church office is proposed. The site will include on-site parking, stormwater controls, buffer plantings and fencing, and widening, curb and sidewalk along both Old Oxford and Erwin Road frontages. There will be no use on the site other than a worship facility. 

Review Schedule
 Event  Date  Location and Time
 Concept Plan Application Submitted  12-31-2018  NA
 Concept Plan - Community Design Commission  1-22-2019  6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Concept Plan - Town Council  3-20-2019  7:00 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Special Use Permit Application Submitted  9-26-2019  NA
 Special Use Permit - Public Information Meeting  10-17-2019  5:15 pm, Town Hall, Room 102
 Special Use Permit - Community Design Commission  4-27-2020  6:30 pm, Virtual – Check Town Calendar
 Special Use Permit - Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board  4-28-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual – Check Town Calendar
 Special Use Permit - Stormwater Management Utility Board  4-29-2020  6:00 pm, Virtual – Check Town Calendar
 Special Use Permit - Planning Commission  5-5-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual – Check Town Calendar
  Special Use Permit - Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board   5-12-2020  7:00 pm, Virtual – Check Town Calendar





 Special Use Permit Application 9-26-2019

 Concept Plan Application  12-31-2018

Concept Plan Application

A Concept Plan is a preliminary step toward the preparation of a formal development plan. The Chapel Hill Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) requires concept plan review prior to application submittal for a Special Use Permit, Major Land Use Plan, Major Subdivision, Conditional Rezoning, or Site Plan for development meeting minimum size thresholds.

 Applicant Name: Christ Community Church, Byron Peters

Project Address: 141 Erwin Road

Project Number: 18-137

Orange County PIN:  9799-39-9116, 9799-49-0235

Description: Build a Phase 1 worship/ fellowship/ church office building with about 120 parking spaces. Future Phase 2 will consist of a second worship building.

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