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Carolina Flex Park, 7000 and 7001 Millhouse Road

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Conditional Rezoning Application*

Applicant Name: Coulter Jewell Thames, PA

Property Owner: Carolina Flex Park, LLC

Description: Application proposed rezoning +/- 12 acres to LI-CZD zoning district to allow +/- 405,000 total square feet of a combination of light manufacturing, light research activities, and flex space uses. The application is also proposing to allow conditional uses including office, conditioned self storage facility, and supply yard. 

About the Property: The east and southeast portions of the property include Resource Conservation District, Jordan Buffer, and 100 year flood plain. The application must comply with all applicable regulations that protect these environmental features. 

What happened to the 7000 Millhouse Rd Concept Plan from 2016? The new application is a revised version of the former concept plan submittal reviewed by the Community Design Commission and Town Council in fall of 2016. The application no longer includes the property at 1600 Eubanks Rd. The new application has been prepared to reflect the new Conditional Rezoning Review process and LI-CZD district requirements adopted by the Town Council on April 5, 2017.*

Proposed Land Uses*:

  • Combination of Light manufacturing, light research activities, and flex space: 215,000 square feet
  • Office: 95,000 square feet
  • Conditioned Self-Storage Facility: 95,000 square feet. 

Project: 17-069

Property Identification number: 9870-89-0517

Land Use Plan Designation: Innovative, Light Industrial Opportunity Area.* 

Zoning Existing: Mixed Use Residential -1 (MU-R-1)

Zoning Proposed: Innovative, Light Industrial - Conditional Zoning District (LI-CZD)*

Review Schedule 

Event Date Location and Time Meeting Materials 
Application Submitted 6-29-17 NA  
 Public Information Meeting 7-20-17 5:15pm at Town Hall, First Floor Conference Room  
Revised Application Submitted 8-18-17  NA   
Planning Commission Review 10-3-17 7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber  Planning Commission Report Project Summary
Town Council Review 10-18-17 7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber  


Round Two Submittal 8-18-17

Conditional Rezoning Application 6-29-17

*NOTE: On April 5, 2017, the Town Council took the following actions to encourage innovative, light industrial uses in the Millhouse Enterprise Zone. These actions created a new review process for the applicant. Instead of submitting a Special Use Permit following a Concept Plan, the applicant has submitted a Conditional Rezoning Application for review by the Town Council.

  • Create a new zoning category: Innovative, Light Industrial - Conditional Zoning District
  • Create a new review process for the Town Council to consider Conditional Rezoning Applications
  • Amend the Land Use Plan to designate approximately 60 acres along Millhouse Road as an Innovative, Light Industrial Opportunity Area 


Previous Concept Plan Application

Description: Construction on two separate sites including 11 self-storage buildings, one self-service car wash (11 acres on west side Millhouse Rd, adjacent to the Norfolk Southern Railroad), one office building and 3 flex-space buildings (10 acres on east side Millhouse Rd, south of the Town of Chapel Hill Transit Facility). Access to the self-storage site is proposed from Eubanks Rd., access to the office, flex space is proposed from Millhouse Rd. Both sites include Jordan Buffer and Resource Conservation Districts; the storage facility site includes floodplain.

Proposed Land Use Category: Mixed-Use

Proposed Floor Area, Parking
     - 116,000 square feet storage-facility in 11 buildings
     - 70,000 square feet of office and flex space in four buildings
     - 174 parking spaces for office, flex space; not specified for  
        self-storage site 

Project #16-079

Property Identification Nos. PINs 9870-78-2525, 9870-89-0517

Zoning-existing: Mixed Use Residential - 1 (MU-R-1) and Mixed Use Office Institutional - 1 (MU-OI-1)

Zoning-proposed: undetermined 

Review Schedule 

 Event  Date  Location and Time
 Application Submitted  7-26-16   NA
 Community Design Commission Review   10-25-16   6:30pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber 
 Town Council Review  11-14-16  7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber


Concept Plan Review 7-26-16



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