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Alpha Phi Sorority

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Final Plan Zoning Compliance Permit  Application

Property Location: 219 East Rosemary Street

Applicant: Ballentine Associates, PA

Permit #: 201819431

Property ID's: Orange County PINs: 9788-48-5227, 9788-48-4398

Proposed Land Use Category: Fraternity dwelling 

Proposed Floor Area: 7,750 sq. ft.

Zoning: Residential - 6 (R-6) and Franklin-Rosemary Historic District

Description: The Town has received an application for a Special Use Permit from Ballentine Associates, PA to demolish an existing single family dwelling at 205 Friendly Lane and expand an existing single family dwelling at 219 East Rosemary Street to form a new sorority house with approximately 7,750 sq. ft. of floor area on a 0.54 acre site.

Review Schedule 

 Event  Date  Location and Time
 Concept Plan Application Submitted  3-9-16  NA
 Historic District Commission Review        4-14-16   6:30pm at Town Hall, Council  Chamber
 SUP Application Submitted  8-2-16   NA
 Public Information Meeting  TBD  TBD
 Transportation and Connectivity Advisory  Board   6-27-2017  7:00 pm Town Hall, 1st Floor
 Historic District Commission  7-11-2017  6:30 pm Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Environmental Stewardship   7-11-2017  6:30 pm Town Hall, 2nd Floor
 Planning Commission  8-1-2017  7:00 pm Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Town Council, Public Hearing  September  7:00 pm Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Town Council, Possible Action  October  7:00 pm Town Hall, Council Chambers
 Final Plan ZCP Application  9-14-18  NA


Final Plan ZCP Application  9-14-18


 Special Use Permit Application 8-2-2016

Concept Plan Application 3-9-2016


*This Concept Plan Application does not meet the threshold for Town Council Review and will not be reviewed by the Town Council. The Town Council will review and take action on any future Rezoning Application submitted for this project.  

Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm that this item is on the agenda of the meeting you are planning on attending. The Town Council's agenda can be confirmed on the Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos page and Advisory Board agendas can be confirmed on the Advisory Board Agendas & Minutes page. Agendas are typically posted the Friday before the meeting.

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