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Development Application Summary 2005-2017

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The following table displays fast facts about projects in the development process from the years 2005-2017:

How to use this report:

This report tracks development applications and their status from the years 2005 to present. You may sort and filter by year, status, project type, etc... Tables in the bottom right corner of the reports track the amount of square feet and dwelling units by each status, as well as a total for projects that are approved, under construction, or complete. 

To filter and select by year, project status, etc... select the triangle symbol in the lower right corner of any cell in the column header row and check values you wish to view or uncheck values you wish to hide. 

To sort by year, project status, etc... follow the instructions above, except choose one of the sort options. You may also perform an advanced or layered sort by selecting the "data" tab on the toolbar and then selecting "sort"

About the Development Review Process:

These reports track the following statuses: 1) Concept Plan Review, 2) Under Review by staff, advisory boards, and/or Council, 3) Approved, 4) Construction, 5) Complete. In addition to applications that have been withdrawn or that are inactive are also tracked. Information about Development Agreements is also included, and is highlighted to indicate the long term build-out of those projects. Note: Form District Permit Applications and Development Agreement Compliance Permit Applications do not require a concept plan review. For more information about the Development Review Process Click Here.

About CAPS

These certificates are required for new residential development by the Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (SAPFO). Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) must approve a certificate before the Town can issue a Zoning Compliance Permit, which is required before the construction phase of a development can begin. The SAPFO helps manage demand and space in CHCSS (see CHCCS Capacity and Projections data). Annual reports with capacity data are produced by the CHCCS Technical Advisory Committee and provided to the Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Board of Aldermen, and the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

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