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Volunteering to coach youth sports throughout the year is a simple and fun way to impact the youth in your community. While it is true that when you volunteer you give your time and your skills, but you also gain so much from the experience as well. First of all you continue your love of sports and pass that love down to eager young players.

As a volunteer coach you find your voice, develop a coaching style, and improve your coaching acumen. Importantly, you strengthen ties in the community by earning the trust  and respect of your players and their parents. A volunteer coaching experience will teach you as much about teamwork and leadership as your players do, and you can carry those lessons into your daily life.

Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation is always in need of good volunteers for our various sports.There are unique opportunities for volunteers to participate with varying time commitments. Some of our most needed roles are: 

  • Head Coach
    • Most time commitmentdsg-logo-1
    • Learn leadership skills
    • Teach game fundamentals
    • Mentor young players
  • Assistant Coach
    • Intermediate time commitment
    • Learn leadership skills
    • Teach game fundamentals
    • Mentor young players
  • Athletics Assistant 
    • Minimum time commitment
    • Learn various roles (Time Keeper, Score Keeper, Chain Gang, etc.)
    • Help set up for game day
    • Learn game fundamentals

If you are interested in filling any of these volunteer roles for youth sports, please submit a coaching application and a background check form for volunteers (both linked below). Once application is received, you will be notified for an interview. 


Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Application Form
Volunteer Background Check Release
Baseball Volunteer Coaching Application
Basketball Volunteer Coaching Application
Football Volunteer Coaching Application


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