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Lap SwimmerGeneral Pool Information
The indoor and outdoor pools are here for the enjoyment of all patrons. Please help to keep them clean and safe by following the below rules and guidelines!

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

Supervision Guidelines (Download your own copy)

An adult (age 16 or older) must be in the water, within arm’s reach of a child who is 5 yrs or under. Maximum 3 children/adult.

An adult (age 16 or older) must be in the water, within arm’s reach of a child who is 6 yrs or older and a non-swimmer who wishes to enter water above shoulder height. Maximum 3 children/adult.

An adult (age 16 or older) must be in the water, within arm’s reach of a child who is wearing a safety vest. Inflatable flotation devices are not allowed.

All children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (age 16 or older) while using the facility. The adult must be in the pool area while the child is using the pool.

Swim Test

Lifeguards reserve the right to swim test anyone, prior to allowing them to swim in deep water.

American Red Cross Swim Competency Test

(To be done in a 25yd or 25m pool. Participant cannot wear goggles.)

  1. Step or jump into water over your head.
  2. Float or tread water for one minute.
  3. Turn around in a full circle.
  4. Swim 25 yards/meters to the exit without stopping.
  5. Exit the water without using the steps or a ladder. 

Pool Rules

  1. Obey the lifeguards at all times.
  2. A lifeguard must be on duty before anyone enters the pool.
  3. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  4. Proper swim attire is required. Check with the lifeguard staff if you have questions.
  5. Inflatable flotation devices are not allowed (i.e. - water wings, inner tubes, etc.)
  6. Children that are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers.
  7. Children 5 yrs. and older must use the appropriate locker room or the family changing room.
  8. Pool schedules will be followed at all times. Current schedules available on-line and at the facility front desk.
  9. The facility will close if thunder or lightening is present. Refunds are not provided for inclement weather.
  10. Admission may be limited to ensure facility/patron safety. Admission is dependent on staffing.
  11. No running, pushing, dunking, spitting, excessive splashing or horseplay.
  12. No playing or swinging on railings and ladders.
  13. Diving is permitted only in the deep end (6’ depth or greater).
  14. Diving blocks are only allowed to be used for instructional purposes or with guard’s approval.
  15. Facility kickboards, pull buoys, fins, water weight and aqua belts are to be used for lap swimming, aqua fitness and instructional purposes only.
  16. Twirling jumps, flips, back dives and backward entries into the water are not allowed.
  17. Underwater breath-holding for extended periods or distance is not allowed.
  18. No food, drink (other than water), or gum is allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.
  19. Glass containers are prohibited.
  20. Possession of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave the facility.
  21. Smoking is prohibited on any Town of Chapel Hill property.
  22. Profane language and inappropriate displays of affection are prohibited.
  23. No one with open wounds/sores or communicable diseases is permitted in the water. No band-aids in pool.
  24. No one is allowed to instruct and/or coach group or private lessons without contacting facility management for facility reservations or a Town of Chapel Hill contract.
  25. If you fail to obey the lifeguards, you will be asked to leave the facility for the day and your admission fee will not be refunded.

Group Use Guidelines

  1. Groups of 10 or more are required to make a reservation request with facility management in order to schedule their visit.
  2. Reservation requests must be received a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, and can be denied due to staffing or facility programming.
  3. Before entering the water, groups will be required to review the aquatic facility rules and regulations with aquatic staff.
  4. One adult (age 16 or older) must be actively supervising in the water for every 10 youth swimmers 6-12 years old. Adult must enter water before any youth enter water.
  5. All supervision guidelines and rules listed on opposite side apply to group swims.

Safe Swimming Tips

  • Actively supervise children in and around water, giving them your undivided attention.
  • Lifeguards are there to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring and responsible for everyone’s safety.
  • Infants and Toddlers in or around the water should be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times.
  • Begin to introduce infants as young as 6 months to the water.
  • Enroll children in swimming lessons (check www.chapelhillparks.org for current classes)
  • Educate your children about water safety. Include pools, waterfronts, waterparks and boating.
  • Teach children not to go in or around water without an adult present.
  • If you use floatation devices, ensure they are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Safe Kids Worldwide. Swimming Safety Tips.

For more information, visit http://www.safekids.org/sites/default/files/documents/swimming_safety_tips2_0.pdf


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