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Capital Projects

The Town of Chapel Hill owns and maintains an extensive parks system, trails system, greenways, recreational facilities and open spaces. In the pages below you can find information about many of the Town's projects that are intended to improve or expand park and trail facilities for our residents and visitors

Planning and Development Newsletter

We produce a newsletter approximately 3-4 times per year that provides a summary of our major and some smaller projects. You can access the latest edition of the newsletter here:  Planning and Development Newsletter (March 2020)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Count Data

The Town of Chapel Hill records bicycle and pedestrian information through a series of electronic counters located on greenways and bike lanes around town. Trail Count Data collected is used to create smarter transportation infrastructure plans and projects around the community.

Master Plans

You can also find pages devoted to our two Master Plans; one for the parks system and the other for the trails system. The Master Plan documents were developed with extensive public input and provide guidance in the Parks and Recreation department’s efforts to meet growing need and public demand for improvements for recreational, environmental, and pedestrian/bicycle transportation.

If you have any questions related to open space or capital improvements please email
Park Maintenance Superintendent Kevin Robinson or call (919) 969-5104.



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