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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Town of Chapel Hill is nationally regarded for its quality of life. Public parks and recreation are the gateways to a healthier, more livable community.

In addition to our parks, trails, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, Chapel Hill Parks & Recreation offers a myriad of recreation programs and cultural activities for all ages and social backgrounds.

Below are a collection a very informative answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you should need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Parks and Recreation

    • How do I register for recreation programs?

    • When is info about seasonal recreation programs available?

    • How do I register for summer camps?

    • How do I create or manage my Web Trac (online registration) account?

    • Where can I download copies of various registration forms?

    • What is a fee reduction and do I qualify?

    • What are your refund and cancellation policies?

    • How do I rent an outdoor or indoor recreation facility or picnic shelter?

    • Where can I find the fees for facility passes and/or rentals?

    • Where would I find pool and other facility schedules?

    • Can I find a map of parks and their addresses and operating hours?

    • How do I volunteer with parks and recreation?

    • What are the holiday schedules for parks and recreation facilities?

    • How can I donate to Parks and Recreation?

  • Parks Maintenance - Athletic/Parks/Facilities

    • Who do I contact when a security light in the park has blown out?

    • Why are the park bathrooms at Ephesus, North Forest Hills closed?

    • Who can I contact about the lights in the park bathrooms being without power?

    • Why are the gates locked to the ballfields?

    • Why are the athletic fields closed during the off season?

    • Who do I contact to have mud removed from the Greenway?

    • May I plant flowers in the park?

  • Parks Maintenance - Cemeteries

    • My dog loves running through the cemetery for exercise.

    • Can I sell the Chapel Hill Memorial plot I had purchased to a friend or family member?

    • Are there any plots currently available for purchase at town owned cemeteries?

  • Parks Maintenance - Downtown

    • Who do I contact to have ice or snow removed from the downtown sidewalk?

    • What are the job functions of the employees who work downtown?

  • Parks Maintenance - Park Improvements

    • Our neighborhood or specific group/organization would like to have someone discuss Town tree related issues.

    • Are there any plans for improvements to be made at my local neighborhood park?

  • Parks Maintenance - Reporting a problem

    • Who can I contact if I would like to pass along a compliment or speak with someone about an issue?

    • Who can I contact if I would like to pass along a compliment or speak with someone about an issue?

  • Parks Maintenance - Right of Way

    • What months of the year is mowing performed?

    • What should I do if my neighbor’s vegetation is creating an unsafe driving condition?

    • Who is responsible for damages to my vehicle that occurred while passing town staff or a contractor mowing?

    • May I spray the roadside with herbicides?

    • Is tree trimming done when roadsides are mowed?

    • My property line is alongside the road, am I allowed to perform extra mowing and pick up trash along my property?

    • My property line is alongside the road, can I do extra mowing and pick up trash along my property?

    • How often are the town’s rights of ways / roadsides mowed?

  • Parks Maintenance - Trees

    • A tree has fallen on a state road and there is damage or an obstruction that might pose a hazard to motorists.

    • A tree has fallen on a town maintained road or sidewalk.

    • Who do I contact if a tree has fallen and is blocking a trail?

    • What time of year does mowing occur?

    • Who is responsible for my vehicle if it is damaged by your mowing equipment while passing by?

    • The Arborist staff is performing work in my neighborhood. How can I find out what work is being performed as well as speaking with someone about an issue?

    • Who do I call if a tree has fallen on town property and is causing a hazard?

    • I am worried about a tree falling onto my property, but it is not mine. What should I do?

    • How can one find out if a tree is on private property or property that the town is responsible for?

    • 3. Do you work with the trees on resident’s properties?

    • Do you work with the trees on resident’s properties?

    • Does the town perform and tree work on a resident’s private property?

    • How can our neighborhood group or organization have a representative from the Town come and discuss a tree related issue?

    • What trees are the town responsible for?

    • What are the operational hours of the Park Maintenance Division?

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