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Workers' Compensation Resources

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What to do if you are injured on the job

Workers' Comp Medical Providers

  1. The Family Doctor
    1728 Fordham Blvd
    151 Rams Plaza
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Monday - Wednesday 8am - 8pm
    Thursday - Friday 8am - 7pm
    Saturday 8am - 6pm
    Sunday 1pm - 5pm
  2. Concentra Medical Center
    4104 Surles Ct. Ste. 11
    Durham, NC 27703
    Monday—Friday 7:30 AM—8 PM
    Weeken 10AM—4 PM
  3. Chapel Hill Family Medicine (Police Only)
    120 Conner Dr. Ste. 200
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Monday—Friday 8:30 AM—5 PM
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