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No mask distribution on Saturday, July 4.


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Mission and Values

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Our Mission

Learning, serving and working together ­­to build a community where people thrive.

Responsibility We acknowledge that our duties impact the jobs of many other employees. We take ownership over our roles within the organization as a way to demonstrate our consideration for the time and efforts of our fellow employees as well as pride in our own work.
Equity Although we may hold different roles in the organization, we all work toward the common goal of serving the Town and the Town’s residents and customers. Therefore, we seek and support policies and actions that are administered consistently and fairly to everyone regardless of rank, tenure or personal background.
Safety  We strive to maintain our own mental and physical well-being and the well-being of those around us. We are dedicated to a work environment that minimizes risk of injury or accident. We are also dedicated to an environment that provides for honest and courteous discussion of workplace issues without fear of repercussion.
Professionalism We are committed to the excellence and accountability of our own performance as well as the performance of the organization. We carry out our jobs efficiently and effectively, are open to feedback about our performance and show a willingness to learn.
Ethics We conduct ourselves in a way that is consistent with and deserving of the level of trust that has been placed in us by the community members of Chapel Hill.
Communication We take part in constructive dialogues and set clear goals and expectations so we may better understand our roles in the workplace. Our organizational values serve as a common language when discussing each other’s decisions and actions.
Teamwork We participate in a cooperative work environment in order to support each other in our service to the community. We encourage an environment that fosters innovation and creativity.


The Senior Management Team and the Employee Forum adopted values for Town of Chapel Hill employees on April 28, 2011. Our values are the basis for our choices. They are reflected in our behavior and decisions every day. They are our compass as we accomplish our mission and objectives.


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