Affordable Housing Strategy

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The Affordable Housing Strategy was adopted by the Town Council on June 13, 2011.  


In June 2010, the Town of Chapel Hill Town Council adopted a goal to create one-page strategies for the following Council focus areas: Public Art, Communications, Sustainability, and Affordable Housing. The purpose of developing an affordable housing strategy is to build a more comprehensive understanding of the affordable housing system in Chapel Hill that would allow the Town Council to consider affordable housing issues in the context of the full spectrum of affordable housing needs and resources that exist throughout the Town.


Throughout the months of March and April, 2011, Town staff met with over 450 people in 60 focus group or one-on-one sessions. In May, 2011 the feedback from these meetings was considered by a Technical Advisory Group of affordable housing and community stakeholders. The Affordable Housing Strategy represents the compilation of ideas that were expressed during the focus group sessions and the themes that were considered by the Technical Advisory Group.


Technical Advisory Group

The Affordable Housing Technical Advisory Group supported the development of an affordable housing strategy for the Town through providing input and guidance to Town staff throughout the process.


Next Steps

The Technical Advisory Group will continue to work with Town staff to develop an affordable housing work plan to support the goals outlined in the Affordable Housing Strategy.  The work plan would identify implementation partners, develop measurable and specific objectives, and begin to prioritize the goals of the strategy. 


Reference Materials

The Technical Advisory Group worked with Town staff to integrate and synthesize the feedback from the small focus groups.  Information about affordable housing was also be drawn from other sources, including some of the following references:


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