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Pet Policy

Pursuant to 24 CFR Part 960 of the Federal Register issued July 10, 2000, public housing residents may own common domesticated household pets. Ownership of pets however, is subject to reasonable requirements of the Town of Chapel Hill. Pet ownership shall also be subject to the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Chapel Hill and animal control laws.

There is recognition that some pets are used to assist persons with disabilities. Therefore, assistive animals (as required under the American Disabilities Act) shall be permitted with no restrictions other than to maintain the apartment and associated areas in a decent, safe and sanitary manner and to refrain from neighborhood disturbances.

Pet Ownership in Public Housing
In multi-family and multi-building public housing developments consideration must be given to the safety and peaceful enjoyment of all residents. Because Chapel Hill’s public housing consists of multi-buildings development pet ownership shall be permitted on a limited basis as determined by the Department of Housing.

Application of Pet Ownership
Prior to owning a pet, public housing residents must submit an Application for Pet Ownership to the Department of Housing. For dogs and cats, the Application for Pet Ownership must include the following information:

  1. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons who will care for pet in the event the resident becomes ill, is away from the apartment, or in any other emergency situation (required for all pet owners).
  2. Certification of vaccination against rabies and immunization against other diseases.
  3. Certification that a pet has been spayed or neutered.

Pet Fee for Dogs and Cats
Prior to receiving permission to keep a dog or cat, residents shall pay a non-refundable pet fee in the amount of $150.00. The pet fee does not cover any incurred costs (e.g. damage, extermination expenses). The pet fee is in addition to the rental security deposit.

Breeds, Weight and Limitation of Number of Pets
Pet ownership shall be permitted; however, the ownership of dogs and cats will be limited to one dog or one cat per household. In additional, any pet deemed to be potentially dangerous, including animals that have trained to fight or attached shall not be allowed. Dog ownership will be limited to two other specific criteria: (1) The maximum weight allowed for adult dogs shall be 30 pounds; and (2) The following breeds shall not be allowed.

  1. Rottweiler
  2. Chow
  3. Pit Bull
  4. Sharpei
  5. Husky
  6. German Shepard
  7. Doberman Pincher
  8. Boxer
  9. Any mix of the above breeds

Rules Governing Pet Ownership

  1. When permission to own a pet has been granted, the following rules shall apply.
  2. Dogs and cats must be vaccinated yearly and the resident must provide the Department of Housing with documentation of vaccination.
  3. Pets shall not be loose in yards, parking areas or public housing common areas.
  4. When taken outside the apartment, the dogs and cats must be on a leash and under the control of (adult) resident.
  5. Pets shall not be staked in the yard or anywhere on the properly.
  6. Residents who own dogs shall be responsible for carrying a “pooper scooper”, and picking up waste left by a pet and disposing of it in an appropriate garbage receptacle.
  7. Residents who own cats must provide litter boxes inside the apartment for the pet’s waste. The litter boxes must be kept clean and odor free.
  8. When a resident is not in an apartment dogs and cats must be kept in a secured cage.
  9. Pets such as birds, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, etc. shall be kept in a cage.
  10. All dogs must wear a tag bearing the resident’s name, phone number, and the date the latest rabies immunization.
  11. All pets waste shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner.
  12. If a pet causes harm to any person, the resident shall be required to permanently remove the pet from public housing property within 24 hours.

Miscellaneous Rules

Residents who have been approved for pet ownership must comply with the following rules and requirements.

  1. Not to allow guest or visitors to bring pets into your apartment or onto public housing property.
  2. Not to engage in caring for pets of others in there own apartment.
  3. Not to feed or harbor stray animals.
  4. Not to alter the apartment, balcony, or porch to create an enclosure for pet.
  5. To pay for exterminating, deodorizing, and damage caused by a pet.
  6. Pets can not be kept, bred, or used for any commercial purposes.
  7. Not to leave pets in an apartment unattended for over 24 hours. If a pet is left unattended for over 24 hours, and no arrangements have been made for its care, the Department of Housing shall have the right to contact the local animal control agency and to have the pet removed.

Termination of Lease

Ownership of a pet is contingent upon the rules as set forth above. Failure to comply with all of the pet ownership rules shall result in a notice of termination. A notice of termination shall only be issued for good cause, including but not limited to, the pet becomes destructive, creates a threat to the safety and health of other residents, or Town staff, or interferes with the right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by residents.

– Revised May 2007

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