Fire Inspections

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 Dear Business Owner/Manager:

Fire tragedies have touched the lives of people everywhere in all age groups and all walks of life. Statistics show that the fight against fire is a fight we are all in together. The Chapel Hill Fire Department thanks you in advance for your comprehensive efforts in keeping your occupancy free of fire code violations so that all can enjoy the town safe and free from the dangers of fire.

The Town of Chapel Hill is mandated by state statue to conduct periodic fire inspections of all commercial, educational, institutional, and multi-family residential buildings to ensure compliance with fire and life safety regulations. The Town has a very active and busy fire inspection program in accordance with state requirements which is administered by the Chapel Hill Fire Department through the Office of the Fire Marshal.

One of the important duties conducted by the Office of the Fire Marshal staff is to conduct periodic fire prevention inspections. Each structure or occupancy is inspected for hazards. If any hazards are found, they are listed so that the owner or occupant can correct them. Enforcement of the fire code allows for identification and correction of unsafe conditions within a property which are a danger to the community and firefighters.

Several items of primary importance to occupant and firefighter life safety are emphasized during the inspection process such as fire protection systems (fire alarms, fire sprinkler and extinguishing systems) building egress systems (exit doors, emergency lighting, exit signs, etc.) and other dangerous conditions. Beginning July 1st 2015, fire inspection fees were assessed during the completion of state mandated fire inspections. The fire inspection fee schedule can be located on the Town’s website at

The Town of Chapel Hill has contracted with a third-party vendor, Fire Recovery USA to manage the billing and collection of fees related to this program. A sample of how your bill will appear can be viewed on the Town’s Website at

Additional questions can be directed to the Chapel Hill Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal through the Town web page, our main office phone 919-968-2781 or via email to Fire Marshal Tommy Gregory at


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