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Town Website Redesign

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The Town of Chapel Hill has launched a new website with improved functionality, simplified menus and clean aesthetics.

We are grateful for the engagement from the community that contributed to our redesigned website. We hope that you will be pleased with our new aesthetic and improved navigation. Town staff continue to refine various elements, rebuild webpages and streamline content.

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We shared a preliminary website design with the public in early August 2019.
We settled on the wireframe after seven iterations.
The big takeaway from card sorting activities.
What usability testing told us.
Where users go on the Town website.
What you have to say about the Town website.
How the Town website ranked in the 2018 Community Survey.
This will be the Town's 5th website design.

 Proposed Website Design

 Current Version (8.19.19)  Version 1  (8.6.19)
Website__8.19_325px   Website_v1_8.6_325px

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