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Domestic Partnership

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Domestic Partnership

The Town of Chapel Hill has begun issuing domestic partnerships again, with additional steps added to ensure safety and proper physical distancing can occur.  Please note the following changes when you call to schedule an appointment:

  • Appointments will be scheduled for only one day a week to limit exposure.
  • Applicants will pay the $50 fee by credit card over the phone, and the receipt will be emailed to both the applicants and notary.
  • Notary will email application to applicants to complete prior to the appointment.
  • On day of appointment, applicants will arrive at Town Hall public entrance on first floor, phone the notary and wait in their vehicle.
  • Notary will stand inside building at glass door where a table will be set up outside the door where applicants will place application and sign in front of notary and display photo ID to notary.
  • Applicants will return to vehicle, notary will take application, make copies, create certificate, and place all forms in envelop and place on table for applicants to retrieve.
  • Table, pen, etc. will be sanitized prior to next use.
  • For any questions or to make an appointment, please call 919-968-2743 or for an appointment

The Council authorizes through resolution (95-4-24/R-11c) [as found in the 04-24-1995 minutes, Item#9]  registration or dissolution of domestic partners as follows:

  • Registration may occur in the Communications and Public Affairs Department contact 919-968-2743 or for an appointment
  • Each domestic partner affirms their partnership by signature in the presence of a Town employee who is a notary public.
  • The fee for registrations or dissolutions shall be $50.
  • The process takes about 15 minutes.

How does the Town define Domestic Partners?

  • The Council enacted an ordinance (95-4-24/O-8a) recognizing “Domestic partners. Two individuals who have reached the age of majority and live together in a long-term relationship of indefinite duration, with an exclusive mutual commitment in which the partners share the necessities of life and are financially interdependent. Also, domestic partners are not married to anyone else, do not have another domestic partner and are not related by blood more closely than would bar their marriage in this State.”

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do we need to bring with us? Photo Identification for each person, and Registration fee ($50)
  • What are the benefits to registering as a Domestic Partner? The benefit would depend on the recognition by a third-party.
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