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Grow Town and Gown Collaboration

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ICON Town and Gown

Home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the UNC Health Care System, Chapel Hill is a community where creativity, innovation, and traditions thrive. Students bring energy and vitality to the community and push the town to the forefront of learning, technology, and environmental stewardship. In return, Chapel Hill provides the University students, faculty, and staff with a progressive environment and an excellent quality of life.

The key features of this university town are choices in where the residents live and how they travel from campus to work and from home to downtown. Complementary futures will include more cultural opportunities, more partnerships, more innovation, and more integrated thinking about the place in which Chapel Hill residents call home.

The campus meets the community downtown, on Franklin Street, where the historic academic quad leads to the shops and restaurants, where stone walls define its edges and link its paths.

Chapel Hill and the University are connected by people and places. The Town’s partnership with the University is critical to the continued growth and success of Chapel Hill. Faculty and students, medical professionals and patients, employees and residents all share an interest in a community that meets their diverse needs, and the Town should continue to involve the University while implementing the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan.

When the University, the UNC Health Care System, and residents work together toward a common future, they bring out the best in the Chapel Hill community.


• Take full advantage of ideas and resources to create a thriving economy and incorporate and utilize the intellectual capital that the University and Town create


• Improve and expand access to the arts, culture, and intellectual pursuits for both the University and the Town


• The University and Town will collaborate to improve downtown parking options that support business, cultural, and academic purposes (TGC.3) • Housing for students that is safe, sound, affordable, and accessible and meets a demonstrated need conducive to educational and maturational needs of students, and housing for Town, University, and the Health Care System employees that encourages them to reside in the community (TGC.4) • The University, the UNC Health Care System, and the Town will coordinate closely to manage development in ways that respect history, traditions, and the environment while fostering revitalization and innovation (TGC.5) • Promote access for all residents to health-care centers, public services, and active lifestyle opportunities (TGC.6)

These goals relate to A Place for Everyone, Community Prosperity and Engagement, and Good Places, New Spaces.

For more information about the proposed action items associated with these goals, see Report 1: Action Items.

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