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ICON Getting Around

Chapel Hill is a connected community where people of all ages, incomes, and ability have options for getting from place to place within the community and within the Triangle.

A holistic transportation system that includes connected pedestrian, bicycle, recreation, automobile, and transit systems with supportive, flexible strategies and policies that include parking, transit, and bikeways is key to minimizing the congestion that can come with growth.

The key features of this system include expanded bicycle and pedestrian connections, public transportation opportunities such as bus rapid transit, light rail, and park-and-ride options.

These features provide connections between neighborhoods and link neighborhoods to shopping, employment, and recreation destinations as well as connections within the region.

The benefit to the community is that enhanced mobility increases the vitality, the diversity, and the ability to access what community members need.

• A well-conceived and planned, carefully thoughtout, integrated, and balanced transportation system that recognizes the importance of automobiles, but encourages and facilitates the growth and use of other means of transportation such as bicycle, pedestrian, and public transportation options (GA.1) • A connected community that links neighborhoods, businesses, and schools through the provision of greenways, sidewalks, bike facilities, and public transportation (GA.2) • Connect to a comprehensive regional transportation system (GA.3) • Make an adaptable transportation system to support both dense and suburban development (GA.4) • Create a comprehensive transportation system that provides everybody safe and reasonable access to all the community offers (GA.5) • A transportation system that accommodates transportation needs and demands while mitigating congestion and promoting air quality, sustainability, and energy conservation (GA.6) These goals relate to Nurturing Our Community as well as Town and Gown Collaboration.

For information about bicycle recommendations, see Report 2: Process and Outreach Summary.

For more information about the proposed action items associated with these goals, see Report 1: Action Items.

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• Incorporate street planning into zoning code (GA.7) • A community that has a parking system based on strategies that support the overall goals of a holistic transportation system (GA.8)

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