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Develop Good Places, New Spaces

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ICON Good Places New Spaces

Chapel Hill comprises many different places, each with its own special character and identity. Historic districts and neighborhoods, shopping centers and cultural destinations all benefit from careful planning, protection of natural features, and integration with other parts of town.

When different parts of the community are encouraged to meet different needs, the community increases its ability to serve many interests. By identifying places for people to study, work, shop, live, and convene, the community maximizes its ability to grow in ways that meet the needs of many different people.

Chapel Hill balances areas of activity with open gathering spaces. The community provides choices and connections that are able to tie the community together into one place.

Supporting and promoting areas of focus such as downtown, the Rural Buffer, and areas for growing office, retail, residential and cultural amenities result in a vibrant community that is reflective of the many residents and choices they enjoy.

• Low density, green Rural Buffers that exclude urban development and minimize sprawl (GPNS.1) • A vibrant, diverse, pedestrian-friendly, and accessible downtown with opportunities for growing office, retail, residential, and cultural development and activity


• A development decision-making process that provides clarity and consistency with the goals of the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan (GPNS.3)

• A joint Town/University development strategy that aligns initiatives for transportation, housing, environmental protection, and entrepreneurial programs (GPNS.4) • A range of neighborhood types that addresses residential, commercial, social, and cultural needs and uses while building and evolving Chapel Hill’s character for residents, visitors, and students (GPNS.5) • A community that welcomes and supports change and creativity (GPNS.6) • Open and accessible common spaces for community gathering, cultural uses, and community development


These goals relate to Community Prosperity and Engagement, Getting Around, and Town and Gown Collaboration.

For more information about the proposed action items associated with these goals, see Report 1: Action Items.

34 | Themes and Goals

• Future land use, form, and density that strengthen the community, social equity, economic prosperity, and natural environment (GPNS. 8)

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