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ICON A Place for Everyone

Chapel Hill is a community that welcomes a diversity of people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and ethnicities to participate in the creative spirit that makes this University town a unique place in the Triangle.

When the Chapel Hill community welcomes newcomers, the community benefits from their knowledge, skills, and new ideas. The community nurtures the arts, the intellect, and the spirit of diversity.

Chapel Hill is changing to reflect the world around it. When all are welcomed to the community, community members have more opportunities to share, spark innovation, and understand each other. Chapel Hill’s school children are an essential resource, and the community seeks to nurture them while they are here and to nourish a community that will remain attractive to them as they learn, grow, and develop new ideas that will shape the community’s future successes.

Chapel Hill includes arts destinations and enticing places to gather and play. The town nurtures educational partnerships, community partnerships, and new ideas. Chapel Hill is a place for youth, students, singles, families, retirees, and people at every life stage.

• Family-friendly, accessible exterior and interior places throughout the town for a variety of active uses (PFE.1) • A creative place to live, work, and play because of Chapel Hill’s arts and culture (PFE.2) • A range of housing options for current and future residents (PFE.3) • A welcoming and friendly community that provides all people with access to opportunities (PFE.4) • A community of high civic engagement and participation (PFE.5)

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