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Transit Policies & Fee Schedules

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The following criteria are intended to guide the Manager in recommending fee structures, and also to inform the public of those factors considered in that process.

The Transit services operated by the Town of Chapel Hill are being provided through the cooperation of the Town of Chapel Hill, the Town of Carrboro, the University of North Carolina, the State of North Carolina and the United States Government. Therefore, the establishment of user fees will be consistent with both State and Federal regulations, and locally they will be developed in consultation with the Town of Carrboro and the University of North Carolina.

Fees should be established in accordance with the Town’s Fiscal Year Cycle.

The Manager and the Transit Director will annually review the User Fees Policy and structure and recommend changes to the Town Council as part of the annual budget process.



Fixed Route Service Fare Free
Special Service
    Certified E-Z Rider Customers

Fare Free
Tar Heel Express
    Park and Ride Lot Fares

$3 One Way, $5 Round Trip



Parking fee at Town-operated Park and Ride lots. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Daily $2
Monthly Pass $21
Annual Pass $250




Transit services in Chapel Hill are provided through a partnership of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and the University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill Transit offers transit advertising as a source of revenue to help offset system operating costs. Advertising is sold on the exterior and interior of all fixed route buses. The following are advertising rates established for Chapel Hill Transit. All transit advertising is subject to the policies and standards for advertising, adopted by the Chapel Hill Town Council on December 3, 2012.


Transit Advertising Rates

Bus Wraps Monthly Rate  Minimum Contract
Full Wrap $1,500 12 months


Exterior Bus Signage Number of Displays 12 Months Each Sign 6 Months Each Sign 1-3 Months Each Sign
Kings (144"x30") 1-10 $180 $200 $220
11-20 $175 $195 $215
21 & up $170 $190 $210
Queens (108"x30") 1-10 $162 $180 $198
11-20 $157 $175 $193
21 & up $152 $170 $188
Taillight 1-10 $163 $170 $187
11-20 $158 $165 $182
21 & up $152 $160 $177


Bus Card Advertising Rates

  Full Showing
98 Buses
Half Showing
49 Buses
1-5 Months $143 per Month $96 per Month
6-11 Months $135 per Month $90 per Month
12 Months + $129 per Month $86 per Month
Bulkhead Cards 1-2 Months $220 per Month Not Available

Non-Profit Organization Advertising**
Rates above, less a 50% discount.

Public Service Announcements***
Public Service Announcements will be placed for a maximum of 90 days for a $30 service fee, as space is available.  

Ad Replacement Fee
Any advertiser who has paid for an ongoing ad may replace the ad copy for a service fee of $30. New ads should be delivered to Chapel Hill Transit.


**Non-Profit Organizations are those that are legally recognized as 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporations and whose advertisements are placed to encourage the use of that organization's goods and services. Social service agencies are not considered to be Non-Profit Organizations if they charge for their services. This includes religious groups and partisan political organizations.

***Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are those placed to promote services that will benefit the general public. Notices for public meetings, voter registration and charity drives are typical Public Service Announcements. Public agencies and charitable organizations are examples of groups eligible to place PSAs.


Bus Card Advertising Specifications

  1. Ads must be printed on at least 5 ply cardboard stock.
  2. Cards for bus overhead racks must be 11" top to bottom, 20" side to side, with no printing within 3/8" of any edge.
  3. Bus bulkhead cards must be 21 1/2" top to bottom, 21" side to side, with no printing within 3/8" of any edge.
  4. Advertisers should supply an additional 50% of cards for runs of 1 to 5 months and 100% for 6 months or more.


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