Public Works Streets Division Fee Schedule

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The following policy and fee structure is consistent with ITRE’s recommendations.

  1. Each utility and private contractor is responsible for street repairs to be made either by the respective utility or its choice from a list of approved sub-contractors.
  2. The Town retains the responsibility for inspections of repairs to cuts.


Fee Assessments:*

  1. $120 per square yard for each of the first ten square yards
  2. $50 per square yard for each subsequent square yard
  3. $30 per square yard for work on gravel roads and/or borings/jackings (open trench/pit area) and/or other work outside the roadway, but within the right-of-way

*These fees are doubled if the street has been resurfaced within the previous two years, or increased one and one half times if the street has been resurfaced within two plus to five years. In addition, on major projects for which the road is severely impacted, especially streets recently resurfaced, the Town may require restoration to include street milling and a complete overlay. Fees may be waived when milling and/or a complete overlay are required.



  1. $150 for failure to obtain a permit prior to starting the project (not applicable for emergency street cuts).
  2. $150 for failure to repair initial street cut within thirty calendar days.
  3. $150 for failure to undertake warranty repair within fourteen calendar days.

The town requires a 5-year warranty on all cuts and restoration work performed by the utility company or private contractor.

Additional sub-base and pavement restoration work required (beyond the area of trench repair) as a result of a major failure (i.e., water line main break) will be billed at the stated square yard rates above, or $625 (whichever is the lesser of the two amounts).

This policy referenced above has been phased in since fiscal year 2000-2001.

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