Public Works Solid Waste Services Division Fee Schedule

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Basic Service (Front Load): There is one exception to the below fees. Multifamily developments are eligible for one 8-yard dumpster collection per 25 units per week at no charge.

Delinquent accounts are subject to cancellation of service.

Annual Costs

Container Size 1x/week 2x/week 3x/week 4x/week 5x/week Extra Lift
2 yard
4 yard
6 yard
8 yard
Flat Rate

Commercial Roll-Cart Service: Entities that do not qualify for front loading commercial collection service due to space restrictions and safety concerns may qualify for service via roll carts. The basic fee provides up to three carts per entity for collection once per week. Additional carts can be provided and serviced for a fee.

Delinquent accounts are subject to cancellation of service.

Container Annual Fee
Up to 3 Roll Carts, 1x/week $275
Each Additional Container $60


Collection of White Goods, Bulky Items and Electronics: This fee is for collection of large household items and electronic equipment (e.g., refrigerators, stoves, chairs, tables, sofas, televisions, computers, cell phones, printers, etc.). Residents shall contact the Public Works Department to request pickup and make payment prior to collection. The service fee is a minimum of $15 for up to three items, and $5 for each additional item.

**If deemed appropriate by the Public Works Director or their designee due to special circumstances (not routine household garbage collection service), this fee may apply to the special collection of extra bags of trash (ie, cleaning out, moving, etc.). Each bag of trash will be considered a separate item. The minimum fee for collection is $15 for up to three bags, and $5 for each additional bag.

Up to Three Items* $15
Each Additional Item $5

*$15 Minimum for Each Collection


Compactor Service (annualized cost): Each business in the downtown compactor district is subject to compactor service fees. The fees are based on volume of generation. Examples of high volume generators may include: restaurants and bars with onsite dining, movie theaters, and drug stores. Examples of medium volume generators may include: ice cream and coffee shops. Examples of low volume generators may include: small clothing stores, small retail stores, or small business offices.

Annual Costs

High Volume $1,500
Medium Volume $750
Low Volume $280


Roll-Off Container Rental (Residential Yard Waste Only)

Weekday (per day) $35
Weekend $60


Curbside Collection of Large Yard Waste Piles: A per truckload fee is charged for the collection of loose piles of yard waste that exceed three (3) cubic yards in size (e.g., greater than a small pickup truckload). Residents must contact the Town to pay and make arrangements for the collection of yard waste piles in excess of three (3) cubic yards. Town staff will make the final determination of the size of the pile and the required number of truckloads to remove it.

Collection of Large Yard Waste Piles 

Per Truckload $125

Yard Waste Container

Each Container $50


Single-family residences are eligible for one Town provided household waste roll cart at no charge. A fee is charged for each additional roll cart.

Extra Household Waste Container

Each Container $60
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