Public Works Engineering and Design Services Division Fee Schedule

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Engineering and Design Services

The following fees would apply to full or partial street construction and/or improvements and/or utility service improvements. 

Public Roadway & Fire Lanes $2/LF/Travel Lane
Sidewalks/Trails/Paths $0.50/LF
Water Lines within the Public Right-of-Way $1/LF
Private Fire Line $1/LF
Sanitary Sewer Lines within the Public Right-of-Way $1/LF
Storm Sewer Lines (12" or greater) $1/LF 
Storm Sewer Structures $50/EA 
Stormwater Control Facilities $500/EA
Urban Streetscape (including sidewalk, ductbank and amenities) $1.75/LF 
Driveway Inspection (including removal of existing curb/gutter, excavation, forming and concrete placement for new driveway entrance and apron) $100/EA
Driveway Re-Inspection $50/EA


Engineering Plan Review Fee for Single Family Subdivision
    Base Fee $500 Lump Sum
    Plus Per Property Lot Fee $100/EA 
Engineering Plan Review Fee for Multi-Family, Institutional, Office or Commercial
    Base Fee $500 Lump Sum
    Plus Disturbed Acreage Fee (No Rounding, One Acre Minimum) $350/Acre



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