Police Department Fee Schedule

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Police Incident Reports $0.10 per page
Fingerprints $15 for 3 cards,
$10 each additional card
Local Criminal History Checks $15 per person
Mailing/Fax Fees $1 per document
Noise Permits $50 each
Solicitation Permits Application Fee $10 per person
Solicitation Permits $10 each
Solicitation Permit Renewals $5 each
Precious Metal Business Permits $180 each
Precious Metal/Taxi Driver Fingerprints $38 each
Taxi Driver Permits $10 each/2-year renewal
Taxi Inspection Fees $10 per vehicle
Taxi Driver Application Fee $10 per driver 
Taxi Franchise Application $10 per franchise
Taxi Franchise Renewal $5 per franchise
Tow Fee

$135 for a basic tow;

Additional $50 winch fee

Towed Vehicle Storage (0-24 hours)

Towed Vehicle Storage (24+ hours)

$5 for the first day
$10 per day

Police Patch $5 per patch
Returned Check Charge $25 per check
Unregistered False Alarm $100 
False Alarm Activation 1-3 No Charge
False Alarm Activation 4-5 $100 per activation
False Alarm Activation 6-7 $200 per activation
False Alarm Activation 8-9 $300 per activation
False Alarm Activattion 10 or more $500 per activation
Vehicle Request for Secondary Employment $25 per hour (not to exceed $125/day)
Available to Court Officials Only:
NC Driving History Checks $5 per subject
NC Criminal History Checks $15 per subject
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