Friday, July 3 is a Town holiday. Chapel Hill Transit will not operate July 4-July 5. Yard waste will not be collected Friday, July 3. The July 4th Community Celebration has been canceled. More Information


No mask distribution on Saturday, July 4.


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Communications & Public Affairs Fee Schedule

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Town Council Agenda Packet Fee 
The Town of Chapel Hill produces Town Council agenda packets for interested persons. Most materials are available on the Town’s web site at Paper copies of packets are available at a cost of $0.18 per page.

One agenda packet will be provided free of charge to area media (print and radio) and governmental jurisdictions upon request in electronic format.

Council meeting agendas are provided free of charge. Agenda packets are also available for review at the Reference Desk of the Public Library and at the Town Hall.

Town Code of Ordinances
The Town Code of Ordinances contains the Town Charter and all ordinances that govern the Town. The Code is updated bi-annually through supplements produced by the CaPA Department. The Code of Ordinances is available for purchase from Municipal Code Corporation. A link is also available on the Town’s Web site, at under Code of Ordinances “Purchase Codes”.

Copying Fees
Personal copies may be made in the CaPA Office at a cost of $0.18 per page (black & white) and $0.24 per page (color). Additional charges may be assessed pursuant to N.C. Public Records Law.

Charge for Data Materials
Town Council meetings are video taped and may be obtained on DVD for $3.00 per DVD.

Electronic records may be recorded onto a CD for $3.00 or onto a Flash drive for $4.25.

Security Guard
When a non-profit organization or outside group reserves a meeting room in Town Hall and no other Town sponsored meeting is being held on the same evening, a fee of $35.00 per hour for a security guard will be required.

Domestic Partnerships
The Council authorizes through resolution (95-4-24/R-11C) [as found in the 04-24-1991 minutes, Item #9] registration or dissolution of domestic partnerships. The fee for each registration is $50.

Records Researcher Request
When a records research request exceeds one hour of an employee’s time, a rate of $25/hour, plus copy fees for hard copies, will be applied.

Charges for Merchandise

  • Town flag 2x3” - $40
  • Town flag 5x8” - $125
  • Town Embroidered Tote Bag - $25
  • Silkscreened tote bag - $8
  • Drawstring tote bag - $8
  • Book: Chapel Hill 200 Years - $7.50 paperback
  • Book: Chapel Hill 200 Years - $15 hardback
  • Book: A Backward Glance - $5.25
  • Caps - $15 each
  • Pencils - 10 cents
  • Temporary tattoos - 25 cents
  • American legacy booklet - $2
  • Lapel Pins - $2
  • Coffee Mug - $15
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