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Sign Permit

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Sign Permit Process




Do I Need a Permit? 


Almost all signs visible from the public right-of-way require an approved sign permitSee below for special cases:



Signs Within a Development 

Signs within a development must comply with that development's unified sign plan. Contact the property manager for a copy of the approved sign plan. Note: Not all developments will have a Unified Sign Plan. Please check with staff in Building & Development Services if you are unsure.


Only signs that meet one of the following requirements are exempt from needing a permit:

  • Temporary real estate, construction, political, yard sale, public event, or grand opening signs
  • Changeable or moveable signs (i.e. sandwich boards). Only allowed in certain zoning districts
  • Generally, these exempt signs may not display any advertising and may not be illuminated. See LUMO 5.14.3 for additional information and regulations regarding sign size, placement, and number.


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