Readers Provide Feedback for Town Email Updates

Post Date:06/14/2016 4:05 PM

Users of the Town of Chapel Hill’s email update service ( reported high overall satisfaction in a survey conducted this spring. The Communications and Public Affairs Department will use the survey responses to continue to refine and improve services.

The Town’s email update service provides more than 5,700 subscribers (1,100 more than last year) with daily information that is tailored to their needs. Topics range from Council matters and community issues to local service schedules and bus route information, and the updates include the Chapel Hill eNews weekly newsletter. Through user feedback, the Town works to keep the service current to meet the needs of the community for fast and accurate information. This work supports the Council Goal to plan for new ways to inform residents about Town government.

Quick Takeaways from the Survey

  • 75 percent of respondents said their primary source of information about the Town is; newspapers came in second at 63 percent
  • 89 percent of users receiving Town updates are satisfied (Satisfied + Very Satisfied)
  • 83 percent of email subscribers are satisfied with the quality of information about Town programs and services
  • Four out of every five email subscribers are fine with the amount of messages received
  • Almost 70 percent of email subscribers are regularly reading the weekly eNews; less than one percent of those who answered the survey said they rarely or never read eNews
  • 82 percent of users are satisfied with the format of the weekly eNews
  • 82 percent of email subscribers are satisfied with the Town website
  • 81 percent of email subscribers are satisfied with access to local news 

Many of the comments were positive – “Thank you for taking the time to write these so thoroughly!” and “I post many updates to our Facebook page(s)!” and “As a reasonably new resident, I appreciate the news of my new town!”

Some comments were constructive, including a desire to see a new design for eNews, categorizing the stories in eNews, a request to see the interest category to which each email belongs, and the ability to click on images in stories and enlarge them. Some of the comments have already been addressed; others will be addressed soon.

The electronic survey was sent in May to all subscribers of Town news and information. There were 195 respondents (ten more than last year) or about 3.5 percent of all email subscribers. About 62 percent of the respondents are 55 and older; 37 percent are between 25 and 54; and one person is 25 or younger.

The Email Updates Survey will inform Town staff as they work to make email updates and Chapel Hill eNews newsletter more satisfying experience for all users, while keeping true to the methods that have garnered positive feedback. The Town will continue to seek feedback as it improves its services, so keep an eye out for further opportunities to let us know what you’re thinking.

Email updates are just one form of communication between the Town of Chapel Hill and its residents. The Town shares its news through social media (, TOWNweek in the Chapel Hill News (, the annual Report to the Community (, Chapel Hill Gov-TV (, mailings, and brochures (available at Town facilities).

Our goal is to build our community through the highest standards of openness and participation. The Town of Chapel Hill reaches out to people where they are to tell the story of what we are doing and how our actions affect them.

Do you have comments about eNotifications from the Town of Chapel Hill – or, do you need help subscribing? Contact us at or 919-968-2743.


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