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Orange County/Chapel Hill Census Launch Parties Canceled, but Make Sure You’re Counted

Post Date:03/16/2020 9:36 AM

CENSUS: BE COUNTED!Census launch parties previously scheduled for Monday, March 16, have been canceled as a precaution to slow the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The opening of Be Counted sites with public computers for residents to use when responding to the census online also has been delayed. Updated information will be provided later on the Be Counted sites.

Complete the census!

While Census Day is April 1, you do not need to wait until then to respond.

All households should receive their invitation to participate this month. The invitation will include the website address to complete the census online and the toll-free phone number to complete it by phone. It also will include a code that ties your response to your mailing address and that makes sure your household is counted in the correct community.

However, you can respond online and by phone even without the code. Options for phone responses are available in 13 languages. Here’s where to access the survey:

Your duty

Completing the 2020 Census is mandated by law and is important to communities. An accurate population count means Orange County will receive its fair share of federal funding for schools, hospitals, roads, and other vital programs. Every person counted in our community brings more than $1,800 in state and federal funding each year. Census data also determines congressional representation and influence in the Electoral College. North Carolina is projected to gain one U.S. House of Representatives seat. Data from the census influences funding and representation decisions over 10 years. For more information, visit

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