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Council Meeting Recap for Wednesday (1/22/20)

Post Date:01/24/2020 1:43 PM

TOWN COUNCIL AND MATT SULLIVAN The Chapel Hill Town Council met Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020 to consider an agenda that included the following highlights. Full video and access will be available at

View Council meetings live at the link above – and on Chapel Hill Gov-TV ( Council meeting summaries are issued from the Communications and Public Affairs Department. To sign up to receive these by email, please send a request to

Fire Chief Matthew Sullivan Honored

The Council honored Fire Chief Matthew Sullivan for 32 years of leadership and caring for our community – as police officer, firefighter, DARE officer, police attorney, emergency manager and fire chief! We wish him well in his retirement! The Council proclaimed Jan. 29, 2020, as Matt Sullivan Day in Chapel Hill. Throughout his career, he has has helped mentor people throughout our community including employees under his watch and the youth in the community who he has counseled, coached and taught. In 2018, he was awarded the Herman Stone award by the Chapel Hill Police Department.

Criminal Justice Debt Fund

The Council approved a pilot program to cover court fees for people unable to afford them. Failure to pay court costs -- for example to cover traffic and parking violations -- harms low-income people when penalties, including suspended driver’s licenses, leads to lost jobs and other hardships.

The Chapel Hill Police Department’s Crisis Unit will administer the program, establish procedures and application materials and screen applications for eligibility. An advisory committee will meet quarterly to review applications and make recommendations. Read more:

Short Term Rental (STR) Task Force

The Council received a written report from Town staff about the Short Term Rental (STR) Task Force, which has been meeting monthly since October 2019 to review different aspects of dedicated Short Term Rentals. The task force will wrap up the discussion on dedicated STR regulations at its Feb. 5 meeting. Staff are drafting an ordinance outlining the provisions that the task force has agreed upon for Council consideration.

LED Conversion Options for Outdoor Lighting

The Council received a report exploring the changing of all decorative street lights, park athletic field lights and outdoor lights at Town facilities to LED. This would lower the carbon footprint from Town operations by about 3%.

On-Street Parking Regulations in the Burch Kove Neighborhood

The Council enacted new regulations for special parking permits (Kove Road and Lena Circle) and to restrict parking (Bella Drive, Linda Drive and Lena Circle) in the neighborhood.

Interlocal Agreement for Greene Tract Environmental Assessment

The Council considered a process for the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and Orange County to move forward in their pursuit of development on the Greene Tract; and authorized an interlocal agreement for an environmental assessment cost share with Carrboro and Orange County. The Greene Tract will be a discussion item at the Assembly of Governments meeting on Jan. 28.

Interlocal Agreement for Installation of Private Sewer Laterals for Low and Moderate Income Homeowners in the Rogers Road Community

The Council authorized an amended interlocal agreement among Orange County, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill. This amends Orange County’s bid process for identifying contractors to perform sewer lateral connections. The amended agreement also adjusts the number of Heritage lots (from 81 to 84 and lots with dwelling units (from 62 to 65) and reduces the Town’s contribution from $104,900 to $94,600.

Charting Our Future Project Charter

The Council considered a recommendation to amend the Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) Rewrite Project Charter to extend the project schedule, to acknowledge the expansion of the Future Land Use Map phase of the project; and to change the scope for rewriting the LUMO to include additional visioning and options for implementing Town goals.

Climate Action and Response Plan

The Council considered early plans for the development of a Climate Action and Response Plan. The Town is committed to ensuring that all community members are engaged in efforts to reduce the potential effects of climate change and to adapt to anticipated changes. Find more at

Property at 7516 Sunrise Road Formerly Zoned by Orange County

The Council amended the Town of Chapel Hill Zoning Atlas to rezone 33.7 acres located at 7516 Sunrise Road from Orange County Residential-2 (R-2) to Town of Chapel Hill Residential-2 (R-2). The recently annexed properties were previously subject to the Orange County zoning ordinance.

Financial Update and Audit Results

The Council considered a financial report – the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) – from the Business Management Department. At the end of each fiscal year, as required in the State of North Carolina, the Town of Chapel Hill’s financial statements are audited by an independent auditor. The CAFR is a record of the Town’s financial performance for the fiscal year and a snapshot of the Town’s fiscal condition. The report is published at

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