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Council Meeting Summary

Post Date:01/10/2020 3:33 PM

Town_Council_360_wideThe Chapel Hill Town Council met Wednesday, Jan. 8, at Chapel Hill Town Hall to consider an agenda that included the following highlights. The full agenda and video access will be available at

View Council meetings live at the link above – and on Chapel Hill Gov-TV ( Council meeting summaries are issued from the Communications and Public Affairs Department. To sign up to receive these by email, please send a request to

Council Member Schaevitz's Departure

Mayor Hemminger announced Council Member Rachel Schaevitz’s upcoming resignation from the Council as her family relocates to Auckland, New Zealand. “I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from all across the community over the last couple of days,” Schaevitz said. “It’s been truly my honor to serve, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity.”

In keeping with Town ordinance, the Town Council will begin a process for addressing this vacancy once Dr. Schaevitz has vacated her seat in mid-to-late February.

Bond Refunding Announced

On December 10, 2019, the Town closed on the refunding of the remaining balance on the Town’s taxable general obligation public improvement bonds (Build America Bonds), originally issued in October 2010. A recent drop in tax-exempt bond rates provided an opportunity for the Town to save money by reducing the net interest cost of debt. The refunding provided a net savings of $836,531. These savings, which will be realized over the next 10 years, will be applied toward projects that are approved through the Town’s Capital Improvement Process (CIP).

Charting Our Future - Draft Focus Area Maps and Principles

The Council provided input and adopted revised changes to a draft Focus Area Maps and Principles. This continues a project that began in 2017 when the Town Council initiated a project to protect what the community loves and add what it needs through the Future Land Use Map.

Public Right-of-Way on Portion of Glen Lennox Drive

The Council approved closing a portion of Glen Lennox Drive right-of-way that is no longer required. A development agreement approved the construction of a 215-unit apartment building at the southwest corner of Brandon Road and Flemington Road. The project includes transportation improvements including bicycle and pedestrian amenities. These changes narrowed the public right-of-way. Glen Lennox Apartments requested that the Town close the remaining 17 feet of unnecessary right-of-way.

Term Limits for Town Advisory Board Officers

The Council amended the officer section of the Historic District Commission and Board of Adjustment sections of the Land Use Management Ordinance and references for other advisory boards included in other sections of the Town Code to refer to the Advisory Board Membership Policy. The November policy change allows advisory board members to serve as vice-chair for a maximum of two consecutive years and also be eligible to serve as a chair for a maximum of two consecutive years (with no officer serving more than four consecutive years).

Massing Standards in the Blue Hill District

The Council continued the public hearing on new massing standards designed to increase pedestrian connections and visual permeability, and reduce the visual impact of taller buildings in the Blue Hill District. Existing standards will be updated to include maximum building length and depth, and minimum separation between buildings, with criteria to make inviting spaces. This item will be continued on Feb. 19.

Concept Plan Review: Phi Gamma Delta, 108 West Cameron Avenue

The existing fraternity dwelling exceeds the amount of floor area for the current zoning district and is considered as a non-conforming feature. The Council received a zoning change request that would permit administrative approvals of the existing modifications to the property, but no additional modifications would be allowed. No Council decision is made on concept plans, however an applicant may receive Council feedback.

Concept Plan Review: 408 Hillsborough Street Alterations

The existing multi-family residences do not meet existing zoning standards and are considered a legal non-conforming use. The applicant requested a zoning change that would permit administrative approvals of requested changes to the property. No Council decision is made on concept plans, however an applicant may receive Council feedback.

Advisory Board Appointments

  • Community Policing Advisory Board: Joseph Adileh and Yuwsuf Bell
  • Transportation & Connectivity Advisory Board: Heather Brutz


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