Won’t You Be a Good Neighbor Liaison?

Post Date:09/04/2019 10:59 AM

The Town of Chapel Hill is looking for residents who would like to share and exchange information between the Town and residents in their neighborhoods and homeowners associations.  Good Neighbor Liaisons can register at https://www.townofchapelhill.org/residents/neighborhood-liaison-form

Registered participants will receive emails from the Town for redistribution to their neighbors.

Designed to supplement the Town’s existing communication channels, the program advances the Town’s goals to exchange relevant information with the community and to target specific neighborhoods with news and engagement opportunities that matter most to them. This is especially important during community emergencies such as Hurricane Dorian.

The Town continues to strengthen a communication network that is helpful during special events and emergencies. Currently, about 75 residents are serving as good neighborhood liaisons. We are grateful for their participation. We believe the community network improves public safety, and encourages civic engagement and interactions among neighbors. 

Chapel Hill residents are encouraged to engage with the Town of Chapel Hill through its social media channels @ChapelHillGov on Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor and Instagram – and to sign up for the weekly Chapel Hill eNews by sending an email request to info@townofchapelhill.org or at www.townofchapelhill.org/news.

For more information, contact Town of Chapel Hill Communications Manager Catherine Lazorko at clazorko@townofchapelhill.org


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