Council Meeting Summary

Post Date:06/28/2019 11:29 AM

The Chapel Hill Town Council met on Wednesday, June 26, at Chapel Hill Town Hall to consider an agenda that includes the following highlights. The full agenda and video access are available at

View Council meetings live at the link above – and on Chapel Hill Gov-TV ( Council meeting summaries are issued from the Communications and Public Affairs Department. To sign up to receive these by email, please send a request to


“Flo Miller Day”
The Council proclaimed June 26 to be Flo Miller Day, recognizing the 30 year service anniversary of the Deputy Town Manager. “Current and former Mayors and members of the Town Council have greatly appreciated being able to rely on Flo to provide context on important issues and have valued her steady leadership in times of transition and her attention to detail and protocol that helps meetings run smoothly.”


Varsity Theatre Task Force Report
The Council received the final report of the Varsity Theatre Task Force, which concluded that this theatre is not the appropriate location for a performing arts center as identified by the task force. However, there are other possible spaces for such a venue in Downtown Chapel Hill. The task force recommends that the Council and Town staff continue to engage and explore this issue. 


Human Service Agencies Funding

The Council approved $446,500 in funding for human services agencies in 2019-2020 to address the community’s human service needs identified by the Human Services Advisory Board.


Affordable Housing Goals for Rental Housing Development

The Council provided feedback on affordable housing goals in rental housing developments. The Council reviewed a report by the Housing staff and expressed its preference for onsite affordable units over payment in lieu.


Charting Our Future

The Council received updates on the Future Land Use project and authorized Town staff to engage with the community on all FLUM elements during the summer and early fall of 2019. Future focus areas are portions of Chapel Hill most likely to change in the future due to vacant land, underdeveloped sites, and their locations along transportation and transit corridors. In total, these areas represent about 24 percent of the land in Chapel Hill, and they do not include the predominately single-family areas and neighborhoods of Chapel Hill. Learn more at


Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendments in the Blue Hill District

The Council enacted text amendments to the Form-Based Code of the Blue Hill District (LUMO 3.11) that serve two purposes: (1) expanding the purpose statement of the District to recognize affordable housing, and (2) updating stormwater management standards in response to recent changes in NC General Statutes.


Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

The Council approved the Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives to build a strategic plan framework.

Environmental Stewardship – Economic and Financial Sustainability – Connected Community – Vibrant and Inclusive Community – Safe Community – Collaborative and Innovative Organization 


Orange County Intergovernmental Work Group

The Council approved a framework for the Town of Chapel Hill’s participation in the Orange County Intergovernmental Work Group and designated the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem as the Town’s representatives.



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