Summary for Wednesday’s Council Meeting (5/22/19)

Post Date:05/23/2019 3:09 PM

The Chapel Hill Town Council met at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, at Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., to consider an agenda that includes the following highlights. The full agenda and video access is available at

View Council meetings live at the link above – and on Chapel Hill Gov-TV ( Council meeting summaries are issued from the Communications and Public Affairs Department. To sign up to receive these by email, please send a request to


New Zoning Districts for Historic Rogers Road Neighborhood

The Council approved new zoning districts to preserve the historic nature and characteristics of the Historic Rogers Road Neighborhood. The towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro have partnered in this effort, and a parallel review is underway in Carrboro. Community members authored a report titled Rogers Road: Mapping Our Community’s Future in May 2016. The report recommended that development should retain long-term residents, create connections with the larger community, preserve socioeconomic and cultural diversity for the future, and respect the physical/natural character of the neighborhood. More at


Affordable Housing and Stormwater Management in the Blue Hill District

The Council is considering proposed text amendments to the Form-Based Code of the Blue Hill District that would (1) expand the purpose statement of the District to recognize affordable housing, and (2) update stormwater management standards in response to recent changes in NC General Statutes. The Council will continue the public hearing on June 26.


Deferred to June 26: Traffic Calming Measures Near Proposed Wegmans Food Market

The Council will consider authorizing the installation of traffic calming measures on several Town streets near the proposed Wegmans Food Market at 1810 Fordham Boulevard, including

  • Install no through truck signs on Garden Street, Legion Road Extension, Standish Drive, and Scarlett Drive between Legion Road and Garden Street;
  • Install wayfinding signs at the intersection of Legion Road and Scarlett Drive;
  • Install traffic diverter on Cooper Street at Old Durham Road (no right-turns from Old Durham Road to Cooper Street and no left-turns from Old Durham Road to Cooper Street);
  • Install electronic speed display signs on Legion Road Extension and Standish Drive;
  • Install all-way stop controls at: Garden Street and Scarlett Drive (at both ends); and Standish Drive at three intersections (at Elderberry Drive, at St. Thomas Drive, and at Bluefield Drive);
  • Install high visibility crosswalks at the intersections of Legion Road/Scarlett Drive and Legion Road Extension/Cooper Street.


Third Quarter Affordable Housing Quarterly Report

The Council reviewed a report for January to March 2019 that provides an overview toward the community’s goal to increase access to housing for individuals across a range of incomes, and to constantly strive for more equitable outcomes and opportunities for historically underserved populations. During this period, the Town supported the preservation of eight affordable homes and the development of five new affordable homes. The Council congratulated the Housing and Community team for innovation in their use of data and performance measures. See 


Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment for Special Use Permit Modifications

The Council is considering a proposed text amendment to develop an approval process for projects addressing a documented health, safety, or environmental issue on sites encumbered by a Special Use Permit. Currently, if such projects exceed certain criteria thresholds, they must apply for a Special Use Permit Modification, which is typically a 9-12 month process and requires a full advisory board review and Council approval. The proposed text amendment would provide a shorter administrative approval option for certain infrastructure projects.

The Council has expressed an interest in establishing a shorter review process for projects similar to one at the Oaks Condominiums, which proposed the installation of a storm drainage system – but faced a 9-12 month process due to existing requirements. The Council will continue the public hearing on June 26.

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